Quality & Environment

We are certified according to ISO9001:2015. We see certification requirements, and what they bring with them as an important part of our corporate culture.

The auditors who visit us are highly experienced in similar areas and can often contribute to our development.
Materials, processing techniques and machinery, have been carefully chosen to have minimal environmental impact, consistent quality, and to maximize efficiency.
We also know that a definition of good quality is when customers come back, not products.

Our quality policy is: We as a developer, producer and marketer of masterbatch must meet or exceed our customers' and authorities requirements. We will work to continuously improve our skills, methods and processes to meet the highest requirements in the industry. We select our suppliers and partners carefully so that we can keep the high quality we and our customers are seeking.


Åke Berg

Documentation as Safety Data Sheets - SDS, Technical Information - TDS, Declaration of Compliance - DOC, Certificates of Analysis - COA etc, they are available for each customer's products. You find them by logging in to your customer area. Each customer can have unlimited number of users. 

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