Masterbatch - our flagship product, shipped in granular form and is composed of substances which are bound in a polymer. There are several different types of masterbatch which depend on the purpose for which you want to use it:

Colour masterbatch, consisting mainly polymers and pigments. The usual dosage is about 1% -2%.

Stabilizing masterbatch, plastic stabilizers, including:
- UV - protection from ultraviolet radiation
- Heat - protects against heat
- Metal plug - allows for prolonged contact between the plastic and metal

Blowing agent masterbatch, are added to avoid sink marks or mold to make the heavy parts lighter.

Flame retardant masterbatch, prevents a sudden temperature rise in the material.

Effect masterbatch, to achieve desirable appearance at the details
- Metal flakes

- Pearl

- Marble

- Fiber

Cocktail masterbatch, a combination of several functions in one product, e.g. colours and stabilizers.

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